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  • Fastrip 24/7/365- has your favorite snacks.
  • Donuts, pastries, to ice cream treats, got the late night munchies stop by Fastrip.
  • Candy, gum, mints and special promotions all the time.
  • Hundreds of Frito Lay salty snacks to choose from.
  • Nestle Ice Cream, perfect for that sweet tooth.
  • Chances are whatever you’re looking for we have the selection and variety to satisfy you.

Food & Snacks

Open 24/7/365, Fastrip has just about everything you need for that occasional craving, or that basic staple item...bread, milk, eggs. Get it at Fastrip, in and out so quick compared to those big box stores, drug stores, and supermarket locations. Candy, salty snacks, and energy bars! Got a fever or a cold, Fastrip has a selection of allergy, cold 'n flu remedies and plain old aspirin for that headache. We are your local neighborhood store.